Sakai 21 - PostEm: How do I add PostEm feedback?

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Sakai 21 - PostEm: How do I add PostEm feedback?


How do I add PostEm feedback?

Instructors may use a comma-delimited (CSV) spreadsheet file to present individual feedback and/or grades to students. This spreadsheet file must follow a particular format:

  • Your file must be saved in .CSV format. You can save Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as CSV files.
  • The first row of your file must contain column headings; every column must have a heading.
  • The first column of your file must contain individuals' usernames in lower case.

Once you have created your file, you can modify and update it as you wish, as long as you stay within the guidelines above.

Tip: You can download a CSV file that includes the student usernames under Gradebook > Import/Export > Export Gradebook. You can also download a CSV file that includes the student usernames under Roster > Export.

Example of a Properly Formatted CSV File

  1. First row contains column headings.
  2. First column contains student usernames.

Go to PostEm.

Select the PostEm tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Note: The PostEm tool is sometimes named Feedback.

Click Add.

Click the Add tab.

Enter a Title.

Enter a Title for the Feedback file. This is the title students will see when they go to PostEm to view their feedback.

Select your file.

Click the Choose a CSV file or URL from Resources button to select your file.

Select your file.

To upload a CSV file from your computer, click the Choose File button to locate the file on your computer and select it for upload. Alternatively you may enter the URL of a CSV file on a website or select a CSV file that you have already uploaded to the Resource tool of your site.

Click Continue.

Click Continue button.

Adjust Feedback Availability and Post.

Check the box next to Feedback Availability if desired, and then click Post.

Verify the upload.

You will be prompted to verify your file upload. The first row of data will be previewed for you. If everything looks correct, click Save; if not, click Back, make changes to your CSV file, and upload it again.  

View uploaded feedback item.

Example of Uploaded CSV Feedback File

The first row contains column headings. The first column contains student usernames. A row of feedback is listed for each student.

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