Sakai 21 - Resources: What is the Resources tool?

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Sakai 21 - Resources: What is the Resources tool?


What is the Resources tool?

The Resources tool allows instructors to share a wide variety of files with their students within a site. Individual users may also have Resources within their personal My Workspace area.

Instructors or site owners can upload files (for instance, word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, audio and videos), as well as create and post HTML (web) pages, simple text documents, library citations, and share links to useful web sites.

Instructors or site owners can organize these files and links into folders and subfolders making it easier for students to locate and access items. Folders and files in Resources can be moved or reordered within a site or copied from one site to another.

Files and folders can display contextual remarks, and can be set to be shown, hidden, or viewable only during specific dates and times. Instructors can automatically notify site members by email that an item has been added to Resources.

Resources also allows users to upload multiple files using the Drag and Drop interface, or using the WebDAV protocol.

To access this tool, select Resources from the Tool Menu in your site.

Image of the Resources button

Example of a Resources Page