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Sakai 21 - Rubrics: How do I grade a discussion topic using a rubric?


How do I grade a discussion topic using a rubric?

The following steps assume you have already associated a rubric with the discussion topic and its associated gradebook item; for details on that, refer to the article, How do I add a rubric to a discussion topic? To grade a discussion topic without a rubric, refer to the article, How do I grade a discussion topic?

Go to Discussions.

Select the Discussions tool from the tool menu of your site.

Select More and then Grade for the discussion topic you want to grade.

You will see a table listing site participants along with summary statistics for each participant for the number of posts Authored, Read, Unread, and Percent Read in the current topic. An explanation of how the "read" statistics are tallied is in the article, How does Discussions tally Read statistics?

Select Details for the student you want to grade.

Review the student’s authored content.

Use the display in conversation links and/or the Show Full Text for All Authored Messages link to review the student's authored content. 

Select Grade.

After reviewing the student’s authored content, select one of the Grade links.

Selecting Grade will open a dialog box.

Scroll to the bottom of the window.

The rubric will appear at the bottom of the modal window, just below the Comments field.

Select the appropriate rating level for each criterion.

The points will be added up automatically based on your rating selections. The total points earned will appear just below the rubric.

(Optional) If you allowed individual score adjustments, you may fine tune the rating points if needed.

(Optional) Select the Comment icon [Leave a comment for the student about this criterion] if you would like to include additional feedback.

Enter your comments into the text field provided, and select Done when finished.

Note: The Comments icon changes color when comments are saved.

Select Submit Grade when finished grading this student's authored content.

Navigate to the next student to grade.

Use the discussion topic title link and/or the Previous Participant and Next Participant buttons to navigate to the next student you want to grade.

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