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Sakai 21 - Tests & Quizzes: How do I revoke access to a question pool?


How do I revoke access to a question pool?

By default, only you will be able to access the question pools you create, but you can share your question pools with other instructors from within the system.

You can only share a question pool with a user who has permission to create assessments, and you must share the question pool from a site for which both you and the user have such a role; it does not have to be the site where you created the pool.

Once someone shares a question pool with you, you can then access the pool from any site in which you have the ability to create assessments, unless the creator of the pool revokes access.

Pool owners will see the names of everyone with whom they've shared the pool on the Share Pool screen in all of their own sites. If someone with whom a pool has been shared is not a member of the site the pool owner is viewing, that person will be listed under "Site Members with Access" with the role of "anonymous_access."

Removing a user from a site does not remove access to any question pools you've shared with him or her. You must revoke access using the instructions below.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click Question Pools.

Choose the shared question pool you would like to manage.

Under the name of the pool where you wish to modify sharing, click Share.

Revoke access.

1. Next to the person's name, check the box to Revoke Access.

2. Click Update.

Remove your own access to a shared pool.

If you have been granted access to a shared pool and would like to remove yourself, click the Remove me link under the name of the shared pool to revoke your shared access.

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