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Sakai 21 - Tests & Quizzes: How do I add an image to a question that refers to it?


How do I add an image to a question that refers to it?

Tests & Quizzes will display to students who are taking an assessment image files that are attached to questions. Typically attached files will display as a link to the attached file, but in the case of image files, the attached image will display inline with the question prompt and beneath it.

Note that in edit mode, a question with an attached image file will still appear to instructors like any other attached file in Sakai:

But in preview mode or for students taking the test, the attached image file will display inline, beneath the question prompt, and above select responses:

The following steps describe how to add such images to existing questions.

Go to Tests & Quizzes

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Edit your assessment

Locate the draft version of the assessment with the question you want to edit. Click the Select Action dropdown and choose Edit

Edit a question 

Locate the question in the assessment and click its corresponding Edit link.

Attach the image file

Click Add Attachments.

In the Add Attachment popup, click Choose File

Select the file and then click Continue.

Note: The attached image will display beneath the question prompt when students will take the assessment. Revise the question text as needed with respect to where the image is displayed.

Save the question

Click Save.

Preview the assessment

It's generally a good idea to preview the assessment in order see how the image will display for students who will be taking it. Click Preview

Click Begin Assessment.

Navigate as needed through the assessment to view the question with the image. 

If the image is too large:

If the image is large, Sakai will most likely limit the display of the image to the width of the display screen. Nevertheless, the image may be inordinately large. To fix this:

  1. Remove the attached image file from the question.

  2. Using image or photo editing software outside of Sakai (e.g., Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, etc.), resize the image and save a smaller version of the file.

  3. Repeat the process to attach the smaller version of the file.

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