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Sakai 21 - Gradebook: How do I enable teaching assistants to update the gradebook?


How do I enable teaching assistants to update the gradebook?

Through the Permissions panel of Gradebook, instructors can build permissions rules which grant a particular teaching assistant the permission to view or grade specific gradebook items. The scope for these rules however encompass only those gradebook items that were created within Gradebook. Permissions to grade gradebook items that originate from Assignments and Tests & Quizzes need to be granted from within those originating tools.

For information on teaching assistants permissions for other Sakai tools refer to How do I manage permissions for teaching assistants?

Go to the Gradebook.

Select Gradebook tool from the side toolbar.

Click Permissions.

Select Permissions tab on Gradebook tool.

Select a teaching assistant. 

Add rules for view or grade.

Teaching assistants can only access students in the Gradebook who are assigned to groups or sections. Grant your teaching assistant access to view or grade one or all groups/sections of students as follows:

  1. Select View or Grade

  2. Select either All Sections/Groups or a specific section or group by name

  3. Click Save Changes

Add rules as needed by clicking the Add Rule selecting view or grade and the group/section then Save Changes. For example, if you have multiple teaching assistants and each were associated with their own group, you would add a rule for each teaching assistant / group combination.

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