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Sakai 21 - Course and Project Sites: What items in Sakai have a stable URL that I can link to?


What items in Sakai have a stable URL that I can link to?

URL Addressable Items in Sakai

Only a few items in Sakai have URLs with which you can create persistently reliable hyperlinks using the rich-text editor. Only the following items in Sakai are URL addressable:

  • Sakai course and project sites
  • Tool menu items in each project and course site
  • Files in Resources

Of course, using the rich-text editor you can link to any other website outside of Sakai.

Non-URL Addressable Items in Sakai

All other items for which you see links in Sakai do not have stable URLs. A few examples of items that not URL addressable include:

  • Assignments in the Assignments tool
  • Assessments in the Tests & Quizzes tool
  • Discussion board topics in the Discussions tool
  • Lessons pages that are not top-level pages on the tool menu of a site

Note that through the magic of the Lessons tool, stable links to the list of items above can be added to a Lessons page. However, such links within a Lessons page are still not URL addressable outside the context of the Sakai Lessons tool. For more details about what you can link to on a Lessons page, see What items can I add to a Lessons page?

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