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Sakai 21 - Hypothesis: How do I add a Hypothesis annotation assignment?

Important: The Hypothesis annotation feature will no longer be available for Sakai course sites after June 30, 2023. More details are available in this KnowledgeBase article.


How do I add a Hypothesis annotation assignment?

One or more Hypothesis annotation assignments can be added to Lessons pages with the following steps. Grading Hypothesis assignments is optional.

WARNING: Hypothesis annotation assignments cannot be imported for immediate use in other Sakai course sites. When importing Lessons pages that contain Hypothesis assignments to a new site, the instructor would need to recreate the Hypothesis assignments on the new site. Refer to How do I copy Hypothesis assignments to another site?

Go to a desired Lessons page.

To add this tool, select a Lessons page from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click the Lessons page title in the Tool Menu to display the desired page.

Click Add Content, then Add External Tool.

Next, select Add External Tool.

From the Add Content menu, select Add External Tool.


Enter a name for the Hypothesis assignment, then click Save.

Enter a title for the assignment in the Tool Title field and then click Save.

Click the Hypothesis title to add the PDF or web page.

Instructors are then presented with three options for selecting a text for students to annotate. Because Microsoft OneDrive is not supported at PLU, only the first two of the three options presented are described in this article:

  1. Embed a public online web page or PDF (Enter URL of Web Page or PDF).

  2. Embed a PDF stored on Google Drive (Select PDF from Google Drive).  

Note also that you can also configure how the Hypothesis assignment will display.

Option 1: Embed a public online web page or PDF

Click “Enter URL of web page or PDF”.

Enter the URL, then click Submit.

Enter URL then select Submit.

Option 2: Embed a PDF stored on Google Drive

Instructors can select a PDF already stored in Google Drive or upload a new one.

Click “Select PDF from Google Drive”.

On the Google Drive tab, navigate to pick the desired PDF and click Select. 

Otherwise, click the Upload tab, upload a new PDF, and click Select.

Hypothesis assignments will automatically be added to the Gradebook when the first grade is entered on the assignment. To learn more about grading Hypothesis assignments see How does grading in Hypothesis work with Sakai?

(Optional) Configure display options

By default the link to Hypothesis assignment will open in a separate page with ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons, along with a link back to the Lessons page. Instructors can also configure this link such that the Hypothesis assignment will open within a new browser tab outside of Sakai. Or instructors can configure the Hypothesis assignment to be embedded within the Lessons page.

Click Edit for the Hypothesis assignment link.

Click to expand the Display Options.

Select one of the three display options.


The default display option is… If you want the Hypothesis assignment to display in a new browsing tab outside of Sakai when the Hypothesis assignment link is clicked, select Open in new window. If instead of a link you want the Hypothesis assignment to be embedded on the Lessons page, select Embed on page and enter in a numerical value for the Height. For instance entering a Height value of 1000 will make the height of the embedded area 1000 pixels.

Click Update Item.


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