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Sakai 21 - Hypothesis: How does grading in Hypothesis work with Sakai?

Important: The Hypothesis annotation feature will no longer be available for Sakai course sites after June 30, 2023. More details are available in this KnowledgeBase article.


How does grading in Hypothesis work with Sakai?

Hypothesis integrates with the Sakai Gradebook by automatically adding a gradebook item when the instructor initiates grading per the steps illustrated below. Note that instructors can only enter a grade in Hypothesis for a student who has submitted an annotation. (If no annotation is submitted by the student, a score for it can still be set in Gradebook, such as by setting a score for empty cells.)

Open the assignment.

To view a Hypothesis assignment, navigate to the Lessons page and click the link to the Hypothesis assignment that you want to grade. The assignment will display a view divided into three main panes: (1) a toolbar along the top and to the right which is used for selecting the student annotations to view and/or grade, and beneath that (2) a document pane, and (3) a student annotation pane on the right overlapping the document pane.

View student annotations.

Use the top toolbar’s drop down menu to select a student’s annotations to view. The annotation pane on the bottom right will show the student’s annotations and replies. Use the toggle button in the top right of the annotation pane to either view only the student’s work or to view their work in context with all submissions from the class.

Grade student annotations.

To grade the student’s annotations, a point value (out of 10) for a grade in the rightmost field of the top toolbar. Then click Submit Grade. Use the previous and next arrows or the drop down menu to change to a different student. 

Use Hypothesis grading tool bar to select student via dropdown or use next and previous student controls.

Note that grades entered in Hypothesis are always based on 10 points. However, as shown in the image below, this score is automatically scaled up to a default of 100 points for the corresponding gradebook item in the Sakai Gradebook.

If you want the gradebook item’s point value for the assignment to be worth a point total other than 100, you will need to edit the gradebook item in Gradebook. In doing so, change the Points value, select Scale existing grades, and then click Save Changes so that preexisting scores will scale accordingly.

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