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Sakai 21 - Zoom Meetings: How do I add the Zoom Meetings tool to my course site?


How do I add the Zoom Meetings tool to my course site?

Instructors can add an external tool called Zoom Meetings. The process for adding this tool is a slight variation on the process for adding any other tool to a Sakai site.

Note: Sakai’s course content copying process does not copy instances of the Zoom Meetings tool. If desired in a site, the Zoom Meetings tool needs to be added manually per the steps below.

Go to Site Info.

Site Info tool highlighted in the site Tool Menu.

Select the Site Info tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Manage Tools.

Manage Tools tab highlighted in Site Info tabs.

Scroll down and click External Tools to expand its contents.

Select Zoom Meetings and click Continue.

Select Zoom Meetings and click Continue.

Click Finish to confirm the tool selection.

New tools added are shown in red font. Confirm that these are tools you want to add and click the Finish button. New tools are typically added to the bottom of the Tool Menu once you save your changes. See the How do I rearrange or rename the items in the Tool Menu? article for instructions on how to change the tool order.

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