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Sakai 12 - Tests & Quizzes: How do I import and export assessments?


How do I import and export assessments?

Warning: If the assessment you want to export and import to another site relies on a question pool in order to randomly draw those questions from a wider pool, do not use the following procedure; use the standard course content copy process as described in the Site Setup Tutorial instead. Otherwise, using the process described below to export an assessment will sever the assessment's relationship with any dependent question pool. The exported assessment will be comprised of a snapshot of one random draw of questions from each dependent pool. Importing the assessment to be used elsewhere would deploy the same set of questions to all students.

The import and export operations allow you to download an assessment or question pool created in the Tests & Quizzes tool into an external file, and to upload from such an external file, or a format-compliant file obtained elsewhere, into an assessment or question pool.  The file comprises the entire assessment, including its title, settings, questions, and other options.

Three export formats are available, IMS QTI 1.2, IMS Content Packaging, and Markup text.  Content Packaging will capture links and attachments in your questions and package the file as a .zip file; you must transfer links and attachments yourself if you use IMS QTI.  Both formats create an XML file of your questions with all the components labeled according to the IMS standards.

Tip: Many publishers provide test bank cartridges in IMS format. You may want to use this option if you are importing questions provided by your textbook publisher.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

To import an assessment, click Import.

Select your file, and click Import.

1.  Click Choose File to browse for the file on your own computer system and open it. Once you have selected your import file, it will show the file name next to the button.

2.  Select the radio button indicating they type of file you are importing. (Tests & Quizzes supports files saved in QTI format.)

3.  Click the Import button.

View your assessment.

In the lower area of Tests & Quizzes, you will see a new assessment.  (It will have the title of the downloaded assessment, not a title from your external file name.)  You may now edit the assessment questions, or select Settings to change the title and other settings.

To export an assessment.

The export will create a new file on your system, suitable for saving for further use or porting to another IMS-compliant system.

Click Export for the assessment you want to export.

Use the drop-down menu next to the assessment title.  Click Export.

Choose the export type and export.

1.  Select the export type. Your choice will depend not only on whether you wish to capture links and attachments, but also on the import capabilities of the intended destination.

2.  Click the Export button.

Save (download) the file to your own system.

Save (download) the file to your own system.

The exact prompts and steps will depend on your browser, but you may be prompted for the action to take.  The resulting file can be stored for later import.

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