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Traveling with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Tips for traveling with duo multi-factor authentication, and how to ensure access to your account while abroad.

Authentication Options

  • Duo Mobile App
    This free app can generate a passcode anywhere in the world without connectivity, as long as your device has power. Available on smartphones and tablets.

  • Additional Devices & Phone Numbers
    Enroll additional devices or choose other Duo options as needed before traveling. For details about additional devices, visit:

  • Using more than one SIM card?
    Enroll the phone number for each SIM card in Duo.

App Notification

Approve the login request sent to your device. Requires cell service or WiFi.

App Passcode

Generate a passcode with the Duo app. No connectivity required.

Text Passcode

Get 10 one-time-use passcodes via text message. Requires cell service.

U2F Key

Plug in a U2F key, available through the Help Desk.Requires a USB port.

Prepare for These Scenarios

  • No cell or WiFi service
    The app can generate passcodes without any connectivity. It can also be used to generate passcodes on tablets without a cellular plan.

  • Export control restrictions
    Duo may be subject to U.S. export control restrictions in embargoed/sanctioned countries such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and the Crimea region of Ukraine. See the Export Control Program’s Tools of Trade License Exception for country-specific guidance.

  • Other restrictions or limits
    If your destination restricts technology, such as the internet, hardware tokens, or phones, request a bypass code from the Help Desk.

Emergency Access 

If your device is lost or you can’t log in, contact the Help Desk for a bypass code. Be sure to set up security questions in advance as they’re required to confirm your identity:

Help Desk logo
Need support? Contact, (253) 535-7525, or submit a Help Desk ticket.

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