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Studio Yeti: Screencast-O-Matic

This document has instructions for using the Yeti microphone to record audio in Screencast-O-Matic. The Yeti and Screencast-O-Matic are available for use in the Studio. Full Screencast-O-Matic Guide: View/Download

Getting Started

Microphone Settings

  • Plug the mic into the Studio computer, or a personal laptop, via USB.
  • Use the Pattern knob to set the pattern mode, which is the direction that the mic will pick up sound. 
    • One presenter: Cardioid (Heart shape). Records from the front.
    • Two presenters: Bidirectional (8 shape). Records from the front and back.
    • 3+ group: Omnidirectional (circle shape). Records on all sides. 

  • Ensure the Mute button is not activated; the red light should be solid, not blinking. 
  • Plug headphones into the input on the bottom.


  • Use the arm to raise or lower the mic. The presenter(s) should speak into the side of the mic. Don't point it directly at the mouth.
  • Position the pop filter between the mic and the speaker’s mouth, without touching either. Only one speaker can use the pop filter at a time.
  • Situate the presenter(s).
    • One presenter: on the front side of the mic, which has the Mute and Volume knobs. Don’t point the top of the mic directly at the speaker’s mouth.
    • Two presenters: one presenter on each side of the table, with the mic in the center.
    • 3+ group: speakers around the table, with the mic in the center. Position speakers with loud voices farther away from the mic, and quiet voices close to it.
  • Place the sound baffle panels between the speaker(s) and the bare walls (door wall and opposite) to reduce reflections/echos. The panels should be close to the speaker(s) to isolate sound.


It’s recommended to do a test recording before recording the final screencast.

To record in Screencast-O-Matic with the Yeti microphone:
  1. Ensure the Yeti mic is plugged into the computer, and navigate to Go > Applications from the top menu bar. Double-click “Screencast-O-Matic” to launch the program.
  2. Click “Record” to the top-right of the window. If a pop-up regarding access permissions appears, click “OK.”
  3. Click “Narration” in the Record window and select “Blue Yeti.” If it isn’t an option, restart Screencast-O-Matic. If problems continue, restart the computer and plug the mic back in.

  4. Click-and-drag the volume slider to set the recording level, or click “Auto Adjust Volume.”
  5. (Optional) To test the mic, click “Record” and speak for a few moments. Then, click “Play” to hear the clip.
  6. Click “OK.”
  7. Speak into the mic at a comfortable volume and watch the bouncing meter next to “Narration.” The optimal volume level is orange. If the level is consistently too low or stays red, repeat steps 3-6 to adjust the volume.
  8. Adjust other settings as desired and click the red “Rec” button when ready.

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