Finding an IP address (Windows 10)

On Windows 10, you can find this information more quickly than you could on previous versions of Windows.

Wireless (WiFi)

If you’re connected via Wi-Fi, click the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray at the far right of your taskbar, and then click the “Network settings” link.

WiFi 1

In the “Settings” window, click “Advanced options” (You can also reach this window by opening the Settings app and navigating to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi). Scroll down and you’ll see this information in the “Properties” section.



Wired (Ethernet)

If you’re on a wired connection, head to Settings > Network & Internet > Ethernet. On the right, you’ll see your connections listed. Click the one you want.


Scroll down a bit to the “Properties” section and you’ll find the information you’re after.


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