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Sakai 21 Attendance - How do I edit attendance records in Excel?


How do I edit attendance records in Excel?

Attendance may be recorded in an Excel spreadsheet, then imported into the Attendance tool. To do so, first follow the instructions for exporting attendance records, then refer to the directions below to record Attendance. Please note that new items cannot be created in the spreadsheet and imported into the Attendance tool.

To record Attendance in Excel:

  1. Open the exported attendance spreadsheet.

  2. You will see a list of the students in your class as well as a column for each of your existing attendance items. Each of your attendance items will have a date and timestamp in its title.

    • Note: If you selected the option to include columns for attendance comments, you will see an additional column to the right of each Attendance item column where you may record comments for students' attendance records.

  3. You may use the following words or initials to enter into cells to record students' attendance:

    • A - Absent

    • P - Present

    • L - Late

    • LE - Left Early

    • E - Excused

    • Note: You may use either the initial or the full word. You may use capital or lowercase letters.

  4. When you are finished recording attendance, follow the instructions for importing attendance records to bring these changes into the Attendance tool in Sakai.

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