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Sakai 12 - Transitioning to Sakai 12: What are significant new features in Sakai 12?


What are significant new features in Sakai 12?

General Overview

Watch the following video for a brief general overview of what’s new in Sakai 12. This overview includes information about changes to the look-and-feel of Sakai, the new top navigation bar, new features in the rich-text editor, and a few name changes to note within Sakai. More details about other new features for commonly used tools are listed below under the heading, Other New Feature Highlights.

Responsive User Interface

The layout of the Sakai 12 user interface adapts to the screen size of the browsing device.

Desktop Layout

Anatomy of Sakai 12 user interface components when displayed on desktops and laptops

Mobile Phone Layout

Anatomy of Sakai 12 user interface components when displayed on mobile phones

Other New Feature Highlights

Rich-Text Editor (CKEditor)

Site Info

  • Improved import content process: The “Import from Site” function of the Site Info tool can now flexibly copy content for tools that are not present in the destination or target site, and it can now copy the introductory rich-text block on the Overview page (formerly called the “Home” page). Also, an email notification will be sent to the instructor when the import process has completed.


  • New user interface: Gradebook views have been consolidated into:
  • Extra credit: Extra credit is now supported in Gradebook.
  • Grade statistics: Instructors can view a quick summary of the grade distribution for a gradebook item, including the mean, median, standard deviation, lowest score, highest score, total number of graded scores, and a bar chart illustrating the data.




Tests & Quizzes

  • Question Progress: For some assessments, a new, retractable Question Progress panel is available to students as a utility for tracking which questions they have answered and which questions the student has marked to review before submitting their answers for a grade.
  • Markup text: Markup text has been enhanced to now support numeric response question types, automated feedback for correct and incorrect answer types, randomization of the possible answers for multiple choice questions, and prompts for students to provide rationales for their answers.
  • Exceptions to time limit and due date: Instructors can now more flexibly grant specific students different time limits or due dates for assessments depending on need.


  • Anonymous posts: Instructors can create topics where the identities of contributors are anonymous.
  • Profile photos: Each user’s profile photo is displayed by their respective post within a conversation.

Email Sender (formerly known as "Mailtool")

  • “All” checkbox: A new checkbox will select all members of the site for sending an email. It is checked by default to make sending mail to all members easier.

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