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Sakai 12 - Lessons Tip: Choose an organizing scheme, and partition your course into discrete units and lessons.


Tip: Choose an organizing scheme, and partition your course into discrete units and lessons.

The most common approach for organizing lessons is either by time (weeks) and/or by content-based themes (units). Your organizational decision should be based on whatever scheme would be most logical and would provide the easiest navigation for students. The accompanying graphic is one example of how you might chunk content and activities within your course.

If you choose time (weeks) as the primary means for organizing your lessons, the partitioning of your lessons might resemble the following structure.

In the image of branching rectangles above, each "topic" might, on one hand, be considered as having its own corresponding Lessons page. On the other hand, each topic might represent a section on a Lessons page corresponding to a particular "lesson".

Related issues that pertain to these design decisions include defining a clear scope and purpose for each Lessons page and keeping the size of each Lessons page modest or at least digestible.

Foremost in your organizational design process, however, will be to decide on how many Lessons pages you want to display on the tool menu. For example, if you have decided to organize your design based on weeks, and there are more than just a handful of weeks in the course, displaying all the weeks on the tool menu will likely make for an undesirably long tool menu, whereby Resources, Assignments, and other tools must vie for space with "Week 1", "Week 2", "Week 3" and so on. For a weekly scheme with more than a few weeks in a course, you might want to display a Lessons page on the tool menu titled "Weekly Lessons" from which "Week 1", "Week 2", etc. are linked as Lessons subpages.

See also other design tips for working with the Lessons tool.

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