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Sakai 12 - Lessons Tip: Adopt a clear naming convention, and apply it consistently across the page hierarchy.


Tip: Adopt a clear naming convention, and apply it consistently across the page hierarchy.

When planning and eventually presenting your lessons in Sakai, how will students know from the title of a particular lesson how it relates to the sequence of other lessons in your site? A common means to convey this is to adopt a numerical scheme to prepend to the title of each lesson.

The following snippet of an Index of Pages view depicts a course site organized primarily by content-based themes or "units".

These "units" are Lessons pages labelled "Unit 1", "Unit 2", and so on, with the title of the unit following the unit number. Lessons belonging to "Unit 1" are "Lesson 1.1", "Lesson 1.2", and so on where the first number in the lesson name designates which unit it belongs to.

Note also that a "sub-lesson" for "Lesson 1.5" is depicted, titled "Lesson 1.5.1". Lesson 1.5.1 extends and/or deepens the learning objectives for Lesson 1.5, a lesson that is part of Unit 1.

Finally, note that not all Lessons pages are actually units or lessons. The following image blurs out all the pages for units and lessons to highlight those Lessons pages that are not units or lessons, (e.g., "Onsite Resources", "Page Template", etc.)

Thus, the prefix "Unit" and the prefix "Lesson" distinguish pages for units and lessons respectively from other kinds of pages.

Note that the example naming convention described above might not be the best option for your particular course. Define a naming convention that makes the most sense for your course and your students, and use that convention consistently throughout the page hierarchy that you develop.

See also other design tips for working with the Lessons tool.

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