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Sakai 12 - Lessons Tip: Extend your naming convention to include Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, and Forums.


Tip: Extend your naming convention to include Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, and Forums.

If in your Lessons pages you are linking to assignments from Assignments, assessments from Tests & Quizzes, or discussion board topics in Forums, you might want to name these assignments, assessments, and discussion board topics, such that they refer to the distinct lesson to which they belong. (This assumes that you have adopted a clear naming convention for lessons and units of instruction, applied consistently across the Lessons page hierarchy.)

As an example, when students review a list of assignments in the Assignments tool, students might more readily infer that an assignment named "Assignment 4.3: Intersecting Systems of Oppression" is associated with "Lesson 4.3" than if the assignment was called "Intersecting Systems of Oppressing". Note also that the inclusion of "Assignment" in the assignment's title, though redundant with respect to the Assignments tool, is valuable with respect to its link and appearance in the Lessons page. With "Assignments" spelled out in the title of the link in the Lessons page, users might more readily identify that the link is indeed an assignment instead of relying solely on the ambiguous icon to identify it as such.

The same logic described above for assignments is applicable to the names of assessments in Tests & Quizzes (e.g., "Quiz 3.1: Social Constructions of Gender") and discussion board topics in Forums (e.g., "Discussion 1.1: Introduce Yourself").

Note that you do not need to extend a naming convention such as "Reading 2.3" for content stored in Resources. Lessons already creates folders in Resources named after the Lessons page title in order to organize that page's content. Nevertheless, you might want to maintain consistency between Lessons page titles and folder names in Resources as you continue to edit your Lessons pages.

See also other design tips for working with the Lessons tool.

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