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Sakai 21 - Login & User Accounts: How do I initialize, secure, and use my pseudo-student guest account?


How do I initialize, secure, and use my pseudo-student guest account?

Occasionally, an instructor might want to experience a Sakai site from the perspective of a student user. Instructors can create pseudo-student guest accounts through the Request Course form when selecting the option "Create a course site without a CRN" and selecting 'Yes' for the option "Do you want to add pseudo-student guest accounts based on your ePass username?".

The naming of these kinds of guest accounts are typically as follows. If an instructor's ePass username is "jean.grey", then the usernames for the pseudo-student guest accounts will most likely be "jean.grey_student1", "jean.grey_student2", etc. The following instructions walk-through how to initialize and secure these kinds of accounts.

IMPORTANT: When using a pseudo-student guest account in tandem with an ePass account in Sakai, you must use either a separate web browser for the guest account (e.g., use Chrome for your ePass account and Firefox for the guest account), or launch an incognito / private browser session (as supported in Chrome and Firefox) to login to your guest account. Using a separate browser or a private browser session will keep the user sessions in Sakai distinct.

1. Click Guests.

Click Guests to login with guest account credentials.

2. Enter guest account credentials.

Enter your guest username and password and click Login. If this is the first time you have used this account, enter the default password; then proceed in the remaining steps to change this password to secure this account.

3. Go to Account.

On your Home site, click Account on the tool menu.

4. Click Modify Details.

On the Account landing page, click the Modify Details button.

5. Secure your account.

  1. Enter your current password for this account and enter your new password twice.
  2. (Optional) Add a unique email address that you own so that you can test email notifications sent to students from your Sakai sandbox site. The email address you enter here should not be the same as your PLU Gmail address, which corresponds to your ePass account.
  3. Click Update Details.

The account is secured. Henceforth, continue to use the Guests button to login to Sakai for this account, using your new password to login.

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