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1Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do I change participant roles within a site?1159642023-10-09385
2Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do I manually add users to meetings?1159612023-10-09353
3Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do I modify Sign-up tool permissions?1159632023-10-09393
4Sakai 21 - Sign-Up1161272023-10-09673
5Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do I add meetings to the site Calendar?1159622023-10-09367
6Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: What is the Sign-up tool?1159512023-10-09394
7Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do I view meetings in Sign-up?1159532023-10-09379
8Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do students or participants sign-up for meetings?1159582023-10-09387
9Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How can I use the Sign-up tool in my site?1159602023-10-09425
10Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do I lock or cancel a time slot?1159562023-10-09364
11Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do I copy a meeting?1159572023-10-09339
12Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do I export meeting data?1159592023-10-09388
13Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: What are Sign-up meeting types?1159522023-10-09404
14Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do I create a meeting?1159542023-10-09403
15Sakai 21 - Sign-Up: How do I edit a meeting?1159552023-10-09383

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