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Edpuzzle: Embedding Videos in Sakai

Edpuzzle, 2020. Full Guide: View/Download

Video assignments can be embedded as an interactive video directly into a Sakai page. Students can complete an embedded Lesson directly from the Sakai course.

Step 1: Get Embed Code

To get the embed code for a video thats assigned to a Class:
  1. Navigate to My Classes to the top-right.
  2. Select the desired class from the column to the left, and then click the video.
  3. Click Share Assignment to the right. 
  4. In the window, click the Copy code button.

OR, to get the embed code for a video thats unassigned:
  1. Navigate to Content to the top-right.
  2. Click My Content from the column to the left, and select the desired video.
  3. Click Assign and navigate to the Public Links tab.
  4. Click the Copy link button under Embedded Code.

Step 2: Post to Sakai Page

Then, to embed it on a Sakai page:
  1. Navigate to the desired Sakai page, click Add Content, and select Add Text.
  2. To the top-left of the rich-text editor, click the Source button to access the HTML view.

  3. Paste the code. 
  4. To return to the regular editing mode, click the Source button again. In place of the video, there will be a black rectangle and the word IFRAME. When the text object is saved, the video will appear in this region.
  5. Click Save if in Lessons (or click a similar button if using another Sakai tool) to save. The video will be embedded.

If the video is assigned to a Class, students will need to be logged in to Edpuzzle in order to interact with the embedded video.

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