DSLR Cameras

DSLR Cameras Quick Start Guide
Description: DSLR Cameras, like the EOS Rebel T6i, are the best all-around cameras for photography, and are also capable of recording video.
If your goal is to record extended video takes, you are better suited to check out one of the Vixia Palm Cameras instead.

Appropriate Usage: All photography: portrait, sport, close-up, landscape, etc. Video recording with mic accessories.

Checkout Length:

Students: 48hrs.

Staff/Faculty: Up to 7 days.

To reserve: Contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@plu.edu, (253) 535-7525, or visit the Help Desk in Mortvedt Library.
Visit the Media Checkout Equipment page for more info.

Instructions, Tips, and Helpful Information:

User Manual for In-Depth Instructions: EOS REBEL T6i MANUAL

Parts & What They Do:

Other Modes:

B / Bulb Mode: used to manually hold the shutters open for longer than 30 seconds, often for extremely low light situations like taking photos of the night sky.

Auto Mode: Sets all camera settings automatically. Best used for beginners and quick photos.

Child Mode: Makes backgrounds and clothing more colorful, but keeps the background tones soft and natural.

Night Portrait: Fires flash to light your subject, but slows shutter speed to capture background light.

Macro Mode: Automatically sets a wide aperture to blur backgrounds.


  1. Insert the battery and SD card provided in the camera bag.
  2. Set lens focus mode to AF (or Auto Focus)
  3. Set power switch to ON and set Mode Dial to desired setting (A+ for most basic shots.)
  4. Flip out LCD monitor.
  5. Focus on subject (look through viewfinder)
    1. Press shutter button down halfway to focus on the subject, raising the flash if necessary.
  6. Take the picture (press shutter button down all the way.)
  7. Review image in the LCD screen, automatically displayed for 2 seconds.
    1. Press the playback button for a longer view, or to see past images. To delete, press the erase button.

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DSLR Cameras

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