Blue Yeti Snowball Mic

Information on Blue Snowball usb Microphone, part of iTech Equipment available for checkout in the library.

Blue Yeti Snowball USB Microphone

Description: The Blue Snowball microphone is ideal for a range of audio recording, but especially group or ambient sound. 

Parts & What They Do:

1. Stand
The snowball microphone comes with a small, tripod stand, that can be finicky to screw onto the mic. Make sure it is properly aligned and hold near the top of the stand fixture so that it screws on properly. It should not be difficult to turn. Adjust the angle, and gently spin the stand (or the mic onto the stand) into place.
2. Cable
The cable that connects the microphone to your computer has a USB input. Make sure the computer you are using has USB connection available.
3. Toggle Switch
The toggle switch has three modes.
1. Cardioid: The first setting records sound directly aimed at the mic, and reduces the ambient sound.
2. Figure-8 (Bi-Directional): The second setting records sound directly in front and directly behind, making it optimal for facing, one-on-one conversations.
3. Omnidirectional: The third setting records ambient sound, making it ideal for conversations and recording the sound in the entire space.

Image of toggle switch on the back of Snowball microphone, showing 3 settings.

Appropriate Usage: Personal recording projects, podcasts, group recording sessions, general desktop or tabletop mic needs.

Checkout Length:

Students: 48hrs
Staff/Faculty: up to 7 days.

To Reserve: 

Contact the Help Desk at, (253) 535-7525, or visit the Help Desk in Mortvedt Library.
Visit the Media Checkout Equipment page for more info.

Instructions, Tips, and Helpful Information:


Make sure your computer’s input device is set to “Blue Snowball”.
  1. Windows:
    1. Right-click on sound icon in the lower right corner of your screen then choose this menu: Open Sound Settings
    2. Input: choose "Yeti Nano" from the drop-down menu and adjust input volume as needed.

  2. Mac:
    1. Navigate to the Apple icon in upper left corner of your screen then follow these menus: System Preferences > Sound > Input
    2. Select “Yeti Nano” and adjust input volume as needed.
Download this Quickstart Guide here: Snowball Quickstart Guide 
Download the official user manual here: Snowball User Manual

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