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Premiere Pro: Information

Description: Intermediate/advanced video editing software.
Usage: Creating videos and movies.
Available locations: Design LabThe StudioWiegand Design Lab
Access: Free on PLU lab computers. Monthly subscription to Creative Cloud required for personal computers.
Additional Help: Contact (253) 535-7525, email, or visit the Help Desk Library
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Adobe Premiere Pro is a high-quality video editing software thats used to create professional productions for film, TV, and web. Premiere is a powerful, customizable, nonlinear video editor that lets you edit your own way. Be aware that different versions of Premiere will vary in appearance and functionality.

Note: If Premiere is too complex of a program to start, try a free and easy-to-use alternative, iMovie (Mac computers only).

Non-Destructive Editing

Premiere is a non-destructive editor, which means edits made to media files in a Premiere project will not alter the originals. For example, videos can be cut in Premiere and the original footage will remain the same. Premiere Pro is able to do this by using reference links to the files from the computer instead of fully importing the originals.

General Editing Workflow

Listed below is a typical work-flow for using Premiere Pro to edit videos. This is just a general guideline to give you a better idea of the steps involved; your work-flow might differ depending on your needs and the project structure.
  1. Setup
    1. Prepare & organize assets
    2. Start a new Premiere project
  2. Import & preview media
  3. Rough edit
    1. Create sequences
    2. Add desired clips & resources to Timeline
    3. Place clips in the correct order
  4. Fine-tune
    1. Trim clips
    2. Edit audio
    3. Add titles, transitions, effects
  5. Export project
  6. Review. Repeat 4-6 as needed.

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