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Premiere Pro: Sharing & Transporting Projects

Adobe Premiere Pro 2021. Be aware that different versions of Premiere will vary in appearance and functionality. The following instructions are based on the Editing workspace interface.

Its recommended to always keep project resources together in one main folder, including all media as well as the Premiere Pro project files. If this step was skipped, the project can still be packaged together for easy sharing, moving, or backing-up. The Project Manager will copy and bundle all the resources together in one folder that can then be shared and transported.

To bundle a project with the Project Manager:
  1. Navigate to File > Project Manager...  A new window will appear.

  2. For projects with multiple sequences, select each to copy under Sequences.
  3. Under Resulting Project, select Collect Files and Copy to New Location.
  4. Options on the right side of the window include:
  • Exclude unused clips: clips that have not yet been used in the project will not be copied (not recommended).
  • Include audio conform files: deselect to save space. Premiere will automatically re-conform files when the project is re-opened.
  • Include preview files: deselect to save space. Premiere will automatically create new Previews.
  • Rename media files to match clip names: if clips were renamed in the project, this will change the name of the media files to match.
  • Click Browse under Destination Path. Name the folder and choose a storage location (such as directly to a flash drive).
  • Click OK when done.
  • Premiere will create a folder and bundle all files associated with the project together in it. This folder can be saved to a cloud storage service, such as Google Drive, or be transferred to a flash drive without any re-linking issues.

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