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Audition: Interface Overview

Version: Adobe Audition 2020. Be aware that different versions of Audition will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guide: View/Download

Interface layout for Audition

1. Menu Bar: access general program operations such as save, effects, and help.
2. Waveform/Multitrack Toggle: switch between waveform and multitrack mode.
3. Tool Bar: tools used to interact with the project.
4. Files Panel: list of files associated with the project
5. Zoom Bar: displays the full Timeline. Can be used to zoom and change the focus of the Timeline.
6. Track Controls: modifies track properties and input settings
7. Playhead: indicates the current time position of the playback audio.
8. Timeline: composed of audio tracks, where editing, arrangement, and recording takes place
9. Transport Panel: play and recording controls
10. Zoom Panel: various zoom controls
11. Levels Panel: monitor recording and playback audio levels

Zoom & Focus

The Zoom panel has options for zooming and focusing on any area of the Timeline. Options include zooming in/out of the amplitude, which increases/decreases the height of the waveform, as well as the timing, which stretches/compresses the Timeline to see more/less of it.

Alternatively, the Zoom Bar to the top of the Timeline can be used to zoom and change the focus of the Timeline.

To zoom in/out with the slider, click-and-drag the handles on the left and right inward/outward.

To shift the focus in Timeline, click-and-drag the slider to the left or right.

The Timeline

After audio has been recorded or imported, it can be placed on tracks in the Timeline. Tracks hold the clips that will eventually be turned into a final audio file.
Most podcasting projects will have multiple tracks: vocals, background music, and perhaps sound effects. The numbers at the top of the Timeline indicate the time position. The far left of tracks contain the track controls.

Track Controls

track controls

Track Title:
Name each track to organize content.
Mute (M): Mute the track so that it cant be heard.
Solo (S): Mutes all other tracks.
Arm to Record (R): Sets the track ready to record.
Volume: Adjusts the volume on the track.
Stereo Balance: Boosts or reduces volume levels in right and left channels. Slide left to set output to only left side headphone or speaker; slide right to set output to only right-side headphone or speaker.
Input: Selects which device will be used to capture audio.
Output: Selects which device will be used to play audio.
Read: Leave this as the default setting.

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