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Audition: Reducing Noise

Version: Adobe Audition 2020. Be aware that different versions of Audition will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guide: View/Download

Fans blowing, refrigerators humming, and lights buzzing are all examples of background noise that can be distracting to listeners. Audition has noise reduction effects that can help remove these sounds, but cant fix poorly recorded audio. This tool does not remove inconsistent background noise, like talking or music. Removing background noise should be one of the final steps of editing the project before exporting.

To remove unwanted background noise:
  1. Navigate to Multitrack > Mixdown Session to New File > Entire Session. Audition will mix, or combine, all elements and open Waveform mode..
  2. Click-and-drag to select a portion that is supposed to be silent, without any talking or other sounds. Select the longest portion of silence as possible.
    reducing noise waveform
  3. Navigate to Effects > Noise Reduction/Restoration > Capture Noise Print. A pop-up will confirm the print has been captured. Click OK.
  4. Select the portion that needs noise reduction by highlighting the waveform, or navigate to Edit > Select > Select All to select the entire waveform.
  5. Navigate to Effects > Noise Reduction/Restoration > Noise Reduction (process). A new window with options will display.
  6. Click Apply.
Listen to the project to ensure that the unwanted background noise has been reduced. If more adjustment is needed, re-open the options window from step 5 and adjust settings.

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