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Google Slides: Sharing & Collaborating

This article covers instructions for using the web version of Google Slides. Be aware that other versions, such as the mobile app, will vary in functionality.

Presentations can be shared with other people, which is a powerful way to collaborate when developing group presentations. Anyone with access to the presentation can see edits as they happen in real-time and multiple users can edit simultaneously. Be aware that a Google account is required in order to collaborate in Google Slides, which all PLU members have access to through their ePass.

To share a presentation with other users:
  1. In a presentation, click the "Share" button to the top-right. A new pop-up will appear.
  2. In the "Add people or groups" field, enter the names or email addresses of the desired invitees. 
  3. Click the drop-down to the right to assign privileges.
  • Viewer: can view the presentation, but cant add comments or make changes.
  • Commenter: can view and add comments, but cant make changes.
  • Editor: can view, comment, and make changes.
  • Enter an invitation message into the text field.
  • Click Send. The invitees will receive an email notification.
  • When other users have the presentation open, their profile icons will appear to the top-right with a colored highlight around it. Profile icons will also appear in the slide navigation panel to indicate the slide that the user is viewing/editing.

    showing other users

    Alternatively, Google Docs can be shared within Google Drive without opening (see Google Drive: Sharing Files & Folders for more details).

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