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InDesign: Creating a New Document

Version: Adobe InDesign 2020. Be aware that different versions of InDesign will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guide: View/Download

To create a new document: 
  1. Launch InDesign and click "Create new."
  • Alternatively, navigate to File > New > Document. 
  • Select the appropriate intent for the project at the top of the window:
    • Print for projects meant to be printed, such as flyers or booklets.
    • Web for projects that are viewed on a computer, such as for a PDF, website, or image.
    • Mobile for projects that are meant for mobile devices.

  • Adjust document settings, located to the right of the window, as desired. Settings include:
    • Orientation (between landscape and portrait)
    • Page size
    • Number of pages 
    • Unit measurement (set as Picas by default).
  • When done, click Create to the bottom-right.
    • Note: for a magazine-spread layout, make sure the Facing Pages option is selected. For single pages stacked on top of each other, deselect the Facing Pages option.
    To change any of these options after creating the document, navigate to File > Document Setup.

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