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InDesign: Working with Pages

Version: Adobe InDesign 2020. Be aware that different versions of InDesign will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guide: View/Download

Some types of projects, such as books or multiple-page PDFs, require additional pages. Other projects, such as flyers, may only require one page. Basic page controls are listed below:
  • To access pages, click to open the Pages panel to the right of the interface (if it isn’t an option, navigate to Window > Pages).

  • To add a new page, click the New Page button to the bottom of the Pages panel.
  • To re-order pages, click-and-drag them up-or-down the list of pages.
  • To delete a page, open the Pages panel, select the page, and click the trash can icon.

Master Pages

Master pages are templates that can be used to keep certain aspect of a document, such as footers and pages numbers, consistent across pages. Using master pages can save a lot of time and energy, especially for multi-page documents. Master Pages are located above regular pages in the Pages panel and every document has one master page by default (“A-Master”).

To use and apply master pages:
  1. Navigate to the Pages panel.
  2. Double-click a master page from the top of the panel. “A-Master” is available by default.
  3. Add elements, such as text and images, as desired. 
  4. Right-click within the Pages panel and select “Apply Master to Pages...” from the pop-up. A new window will appear.

  5. Use the drop-downs to select the desired master page, as well as the page to apply it to. Select “All” to apply it to every page.
  • To clear a master page, select “None” as the master.
Elements that come from a master page will appear with dotted frames.

To add page numbers (requires using and modifying a Master page):
  1. Insert a text frame onto a master page.
  2. Navigate to Type > Insert Special Character > Markers > Current Page Number. An “A” will appear in the frame, which is a placeholder.
  3. Format as desired in the Options bar.
  4. Apply master to pages as described above.
  5. Right-click the first page that numbering should start in the Pages panel, and select “Numbering & Section Options”. The first page of a document isn’t always the first page for numbering, such as a cover/title page.
  6. Select the “Start page numbering at” option.
  7. When done, click OK. 
To remove a number from a page, such as the cover/title, a master page without a page number text frame must be applied. 

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