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InDesign: Layering & Object Arrangement

Version: Adobe InDesign 2020. Be aware that different versions of InDesign will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guide: View/Download

Each object or element is placed on its own layer. Layers are like a stack of see-through sheets, in which each sheet is transparent except for the element. Elements can be see in-front or behind other objects. Layers are accessed from the Layers panel to the right of the window.

Objects at the top of the layers list appear in front of other objects, whereas objects at the bottom appear behind. Each page has its own set of layers, so if the desired layers arent visible, confirm the correct page is selected in the Pages panel.

Basic layer controls:
  • To toggle the visibility of a layer, click the eye icon to the left of the layer. 
  • To lock a layer, click the box between the layer and the visibility toggle. Locking a layer will prevent it from being accidentally moved or deleted.
  • To delete a layer, select it and click the trashcan icon to the bottom-right of the panel.
  • To re-order a layer, click-and-drag it up-or-down the list. 
  • To select an element thats behind/below another element, hold Command and click the frame of the element.
  • To re-order elements directly within the document, select the element, right-click it, and select an "Arrange" option.

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