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Premiere Pro: Creating a New Project

Adobe Premiere Pro 2021. Be aware that different versions of Premiere will vary in appearance and functionality. The following instructions are based on the Editing workspace interface.

The non-destructive nature of Premiere means that proper file management is critical, especially when setting up your project. If a file is moved or renamed on the computer after it has been imported into a project, Premieres reference link will be broken. Relinking is possible, but its time-consuming and can easily be avoided with proper planning. Always store every project file in one main folder, including video clips, audio, photos, and the Premiere project. Premiere references the location of imported files from the computer. Avoid moving or renaming files to prevent issues.

To set up a new project:
  1. Create a new folder on the computer and give it a descriptive name. This will be the main folder that houses all files for the project. Create sub-folders for each type of file to be used, if desired (video, audio, photos, etc).
  2. Collect all media files and store them in the newly created folder(s).
  3. Launch Premiere. Skip through any welcome screens.
  4. Select New Project... and a new window will appear. Most settings in the next window can be left as-is, except for:
  • Name: give the project a descriptive name (movie is not specific enough). If working from a shared computer, include your last name.
  • Location: click "Brows"e and navigate to the main folder for the project that was created in step one. Click "Choose" when done.

  • Click OK when done and a new, empty project will be created.
  • Multiple projects can be opened simultaneously, which comes in handy when working with shared assets across separate projects. Open projects will appear as a tab in the Project panel.

    Premiere has a periodic auto-save feature, but do not rely on it. Save your project early and often with File > Save.

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