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Campuswire: Class Feed

Instructors can use the Class Feed in Campuswire for announcements, discussion prompts, and to post a poll for students to respond to. Students can use the Class Feed to post questions to their instructor and classmates, respond to discussion prompts, and engage in conversation with each other. The Class Feed can have multiple threads and conversations going at the same time.
To create a post on the Class Feed:
  1. Navigate to the Class Feed from the column to the left.
  2. Click the blue plus button to the top of the page. A new window will appear.
  3. Click the drop-down to the top-left of the new window and select a post type.
  • Note: typically used by instructors for announcements. For important announcements, click the email icon to the bottom-right to notify students of the new post.
  • Question: instructors can use the Question post type to initiate a discussion, and students can use it to ask a clarifying question.
  • Poll: quick, single-question surveys.

  • Enter text into the editor and configure settings and formatting as desired. Files, images, and links can be added to Notes and Questions.
    • To select a category, click the drop-down to the top-right and choose an option (required).
    • To post anonymously, click the toggle to the bottom-left. Instructors can enable this feature in Settings.
  • When done, click Post to the bottom-right of the window. Posts can be visible to the entire class or instructors/TAs only.
  • Students, TAs, and instructors can comment on posts. Comments can include text, file attachments, formulas, GIFs, and emojis. To respond to a specific comment on a post, click the Reply button.

    Participation can be tracked by reputation points, which are awarded to students when their posts/comments are marked as answers or upvoted by classmates. 


    Categories can be used to organize posts in the Class Feed. All new posts need to be assigned to a Category. By default, Categories include General, Homework 1-12, Mid-term exam, and Final exam.

    To edit Categories:
    1. Click Settings from the tool menu to the left.
    2. Click the Feature preferences tab.
    3. Edit the options under Feed categories.
    • To add new Categories, enter a name in the field and click Add.
    • To remove Categories, hover over it and click the x.

    The Campuswire Help Center is available to the bottom-left of the page.

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