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Campuswire: Chatrooms

The Campuswire Chatroom is similar in functionality to Slack where students can engage in discussions using text, files, GIFs, emojis, and code. Instructors can organize the Chatroom into various rooms based on topics.

Both instructors and students can create rooms that are available to the entire class. Instructors can enable private rooms, which are useful for group discussions, under Settings > Feature Preferences > Chatrooms. 

To create a new room:
  1. Navigate to the Chatrooms from the column to the left.
  2. Click the blue plus button to the top of the page. A new window will appear.
  3. Enter a title for the room.
  • To create a private room, such as for groups, click the Privacy toggle.
  • Click Create.

  • To invite users to a private room:
    1. Navigate to the room.
    2. Click View All next to Members of this room from the column to the right. A new window will appear.
    3. Click Invite people to the top-right.
    4. Check the boxes for all the desired members.
    5. Click Add members.

    To communicate in chatrooms, select the desired room from the list and type a message in the Message field. Use the icons to the right of the Message bar to include attachments, formulas, GIFs, and emojis. Press Enter to send.  All room activity will display to the right. 

    To switch rooms, make a selection from the list. A lock icon indicates that the room is private and that you won't have access to it unless you're a Member of that room.

    To delete or leave a room, click the three-dot button to the top-right and select an option.

    The Campuswire Help Center is available to the bottom-left of the page.

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