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Google Docs: Using Images

This article covers instructions for using the web version of Google Docs. Be aware that other versions, such as the mobile app, will vary in functionality.

The Insert tab in the top menu bar has more content types that can be added to the document, such as images, tables, and drawings. 

To insert an image:
  1. Click to place the cursor at the desired location of the image.
  2. Navigate to Insert > Image, and select an option: 
  • Upload from computer: upload an image thats stored on your computer.
  • Search the web: search Google for an image. 
  • Drive: use an image uploaded to your Google Drive.
  • Photos: use an image uploaded to your Google Photos.
  • By URL: paste a previously copied image URL from an online source.
  • Camera: use your webcam to capture and insert a new image.
  • Select the desired image, and click Insert or Open. The image will appear in the document.

  • Toolbar Options

    The toolbar, which appears above the document, can be used to modify and format the image.

    1. Crop (cut out unwanted parts of the image).
    2. Adjust the color, transparency, brightness, and contrast.
    3. Replace the image with a new one.

    Image editing options:
    • Crop: select it and then click the crop button from the toolbar. Adjust the crop with the black handles that appear around the image. 

    • Alignment: select it and make a selection from the pop-up that appears (in line, wrap text, break text).

    • Resize: select it and then click-and-drag the blue corner handles along the frame. Be aware that adjusting the handles on the top/bottom and sides will distort the image.

    • Rotate: select it and then click-and-drag the circular handle that appears to the left or right. 
    • Reposition: click-and-drag it to a new location.
    • Delete: select it and press the Delete key.
    • Additional image settings: click Image Options from the toolbar. A panel will open to the right with options such as Size & Rotation, Text Wrapping, Position, Recolor, and Adjustments (transparency, brightness, contrast).

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