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Audacity: Interface Overview & Tools

Audacity, Version: 3.1.3. Be aware that different versions of Audacity will vary in appearance and functionality.

1. Menu bar: access general program operations such as save, effects, and help.

2. Play Controls: controls from left to right: pause, play, stop, skip to start, skip to end, record.

3. Tools Toolbar: tools used to interact with the project.

4. Recording Meter: monitor the recording volume level.

5. Playback Meter: monitor the playback volume level.

6. Edit Toolbar: editing functions, from left to right: cut, copy, paste, trim, silence, auto, re-do, sync lock, zoom in/out, fit selection/project.

7. Device Toolbar: set the recording and playback volume, as well as the recording and playback devices (microphones and speakers).

8. Timeline: composed of audio tracks, where editing and recording take place.

9. Playhead: indicated the current time position of the playback audio. To move the playhead, use the Selection tool and click within the track.


Selection Tool

The Selection Tool moves the playhead and can be used to highlight sections of a track.

Envelope Tool

The Envelope Tool enables keyframing, and is used to adjust keyframes.

Draw Tool

Manually redraw the waveform with the Draw Tool.

Zoom Tool

Click with the Zoom tool to zoom in on the Timeline, shift+click to zoom out.


The Multi-Tool combines all five tools into one. One tool is available at a time, according to the mouse position and modifier key being used.

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