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Audacity: The Timeline & Tracks

Audacity, Version: 3.1.3. Be aware that different versions of Audacity will vary in appearance and functionality.

When audio is added to a project (see Audacity: Importing Audio Files and Audacity: Recording Audio), it will be placed on its own track in the Timeline. Tracks contain the audio information for an audio file or recording. Most podcasting projects will have multiple tracks: one for voice-over, background music, and perhaps another for sound effects. The numbers at the top of the Timeline indicate the time position. The panel to the far left of a track contains the track controls.

Track Controls

Mute/Solo: mute the track so that it cant be heard, or solo it to mute all other tracks.
Delete: press the x icon in the top-left corner of a track.
Gain (volume): slide left to decrease volume or right to increase.
Pan: slide left to set output to only left-side headphone or speaker; slide right to set output to only right-side headphone or speaker.
Drop-down menu: options include rename and re-order.

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