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Canva: Adding Text

Canva, 2021. Be aware that different versions of Canva will vary in appearance and functionality. Access Canva at

Two types of text options are available in Canva: custom, and text templates. 

To add text to a design:
  1. Click the Text tab from the column to the left.
  2. Select a text option. A new text box will be added to the design.
  • The top three options are for custom text boxes. The remaining text templates include preformatted stylizing. 
    types of text
  • Click within the text box to modify the text within it.
  • Use the options in the Toolbar above the Canvas to change the text styles, such as font, color, and size. See more details in the section below.

  • Toolbar Options


    1. Font
    2. Size
    3. Color
    4. Weight (bold, italics, underline, uppercase)
    5. Alignment
    6. Lists
    7. Spacing
    8. Effects


    1. Position: change the alignment of the content on the Canvas, as well as the layer order.
    2. Copy style: copy the formatting of the selected content, which can be pasted onto other content.
    3. Transparency: adjust the transparency, which will make the content more or less see-through.
    4. Link
    5. Lock: lock the content in place. This prevents it from being accidentally moved.
    6. Duplicate
    7. Delete

    Additional Editing Options
    • Resize: select the text box, then click-and-drag one of the white handles that appears along the border.
    • Reposition: select the text box, then click-and-drag from inside the box to a new location.
    • Rotate: select the text box, then click-and-drag the white rotation handle left-or-right.
    additional editing options examples

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