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Canva: Adding Photos

Canva, 2021. Be aware that different versions of Canva will vary in appearance and functionality. Access Canva at

Adding and Editing Photos Tutorial Video:

Canva has a large library of stock photos that can be added to designs. Be aware that photos marked as “Premium” will not appear on an exported/printed design from a Free Canva account. Photos can also be uploaded from your computer and will be accessible in all of your designs. A Canva account is required to upload and the file size must be smaller than 25MB.

To add a stock photo to a design:

  1. Click the “Elements” tab from the column to the left.
  2. Press "See All" next to the photos section.
  3. Select a photo. It will be added to the design.

Use the search bar at the top of the menu to look for specific photos and other elements.

Elements menu and contents

To upload a photo:

  1. Click the “Uploads” tab from the column to the left.
  2. Click the purple “Upload files” button.
  3. Click the “Device” button. A new window will appear.
  4. Locate and select the desired file from your computer.
  5. Click “Open.” The file will begin uploading and appear in the “Images” tab.
  6. You may also click the three dots button to the right of "Upload files" and you will be able to choose from the following upload options:
    Upload, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook or Instagram.
    images tab
  7. When uploading is complete, select the photo. It will be added to the design.
  8. Use the options in the Toolbar above the Canvas to change the photo settings.

Toolbar Options


1. Edit Photo: 
  • Effects: add an effect such as duotone, blur, and auto focus.
  • Filter: add a variety of different filters in different categories, like Natural, Warm, Vivid, or Color Pop.
  • Adjust: change the photo properties such as brightness.
  • Crop: cut out unwanted parts of the image. Click-and-drag the handles that appear along the border. 
2. Flip: horizontal or vertical.
3. Info: photo or object information including author, title, keywords, etc. Includes options to star, add to folder, "see more like this", or "view collection" that it belongs to.
4. Animate: shows page animation for videos and presentations.
5. Timing: shows a slider allowing you to choose how long the page will last if in a video, .gif or slideshow.
6. Position: change the alignment of the content on the Canvas, as well as the layer order.
7. Transparency: adjust the transparency, which will make the content more or less see-through.
8. Lock: lock the content in place. This prevents it from being accidentally moved.

Additional Editing Options

  • Resize: select the photo, then click-and-drag one of the white handles that appears on the corners of the border.
  • Reposition: select the photo, then click-and-drag from inside the box to a new location.
  • Rotate: select the photo, then click-and-drag the white rotation handle left-or-right.
.gif of an image being resized, repositioned, and rotated.

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