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iMovie: Recording a Voiceover

iMovie, Version: 10.1.8. Be aware that different versions of iMovie will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guide: View/Download

Voice-overs can be recorded directly in iMovie. Be aware that recording a voiceover in this way will mute the section of the video clip associated with the recording. Always do a test recording before the real thing. We recommend using an external USB microphone.

To record a voiceover directly in iMovie:
  1. Move the playhead in the Timeline to the desired clip for the voiceover.
  2. Click the microphone icon below the Viewer. New icons will appear: a level meter, a red Record button, and a Recording Settings button.

  3. Click the Recording Settings button located next to the Record button. From the pop-up window, select the correct mic input.
  4. When ready, click the Record button. Recording will start after a countdown; a new audio clip will be added to the Timeline for the voiceover.
  5. When done, click the Record button again to stop recording.
To exit recording, click Done below the Viewer. Recorded voiceovers can be edited in all the same way as other audio clips (see iMovie: Editing Audio for more details).

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