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iMovie: Adding Text Titles

iMovie, Version: 10.1.8. Be aware that different versions of iMovie will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guide: View/Download

Titles refer to clips of text, which can be used to name a movie,  add credits, or for any other text-based needs.

To create a Title:
  1. Navigate to the Titles tab, located above the Browser.
  2. Preview the Title options by hovering over them and scrubbing left/right. A preview will appear in the Viewer.
  3. Click-and-drag a Title to the desired location on the Timeline. Titles can have various backgrounds, including:
  • Text over video/photo clip: position the Title clip above a video/photo clip.
  • Black background: place the Title in an empty space on the Timeline, not over any other clips.
  • Color/pattern background: click-and-drag a clip from the Backgrounds tab and place it below the Title clip in the Timeline.
  • Double-click the Title from the Timeline to edit it in the Viewer. Type the desired text in the boxes that appear. Formatting options are available above the Viewer, including font, size, alignment, style, and color. Be aware that different Titles will have different options available.
  • screenshot of title editing window

    Titles can be edited in the same ways as photo/video clips in the Timeline. They can be shortened/lengthened, moved, deleted, and split.

    To exit title editing, click the blue check to the top-right of the Viewer or click away from the Title.

    To create credits for the end of the movie, use the Scrolling Credits title. Adjust the speed of the credits title by shortening/lengthening it in the Timeline.


    • Browser Tabs: Switching to a different Browser Tab will change the interface. The main interface and imported media are in the My Media Browser Tab.
    • Readability: Use text colors that will stand out from the background. For example, dont use yellow text on a white background. 

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