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Getting Started with Technology for Students

This document is meant to guide students through getting started with technology at PLU. PDF version of this document: View/Download
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The first step to using technology at PLU is to set up an ePass account. Your ePass account will provide access to campus computers and internet, Sakai, Google Apps including Gmail, free software, and more. All new students need to claim their ePass account in order to use these resources. 

To claim your ePass account, navigate to and click “Claim Your ePass Account” from the left side of the page. To protect your personal data and privacy, use a strong and secure password and don’t share it with anyone. 

More into: ePass Account

Shortly after claiming your ePass you’ll be prompted to activate Duo Multi-factor Authentication, a security feature that makes it harder for unauthorized users to access your account. With Duo, an additional piece of verification will be required to login.

Duo verification options include: 

  • Duo Push (recommended): Accept login requests with a smartphone push notification. Requires the Duo Mobile app. 
  • Passcode: Enter a one-time backup passcode. Codes must be setup beforehand. 

Contact the Help Desk if you aren’t able to setup Duo with the options above. 

More info: [Link for document 88593 is unavailable at this time]

Sakai is a web-based application that provides digital resources for courses. Instructors can use Sakai to distribute material, post grades, and create online assignments and tests. The tools in each course site are selected by the instructor. 

Access Sakai at

More info: [Link for document 91290 is unavailable at this time]

All devices must be registered on the PLU network in order to access campus internet and WiFi. Your ePass account must be set up to register.  

To connect to the campus internet: 

  1. Connect to the WiFi network, "PLU Access."
  2. Navigate to
  3. Select an option: Eduroam Registration Setup (recommended), Add/Remove Registered Devices, or Guest Registration. 

Banner Self-Service provides access to various services, such as: 

  • Class registration
  • Student Records
  • Financial Aid
  • Final Grades 

To access Banner Self-Service, navigate to, or ePass Banner from the top of the PLU’s homepage. Your PLU ePass is required. 

More info: Banner Self-Service

The Home Internet Security Course provides basic cybersecurity training for PLU students. Eight short interactive modules cover key cybersecurity topics for staying safe online. 

More info: [Link for document 92997 is unavailable at this time]

With your ePass, you have access to software such as Office 365, Google Apps, and SPSS. 

More info: Software Licenses

PLU’s learning spaces are equipped with technology for easily connecting and displaying devices such as laptops and document cameras. Each space has a standard control panel that makes using the equipment simple and familiar across campus. For details about the technology in specific rooms, visit the learning spaces site. 

More info: Classroom Technology

A variety of equipment is available for digital media creation and classroom support. Students, faculty, and staff can reserve and check out equipment from the Help Desk in the Library, such as: 

  • Video & DSLR cameras 
  • Audio recorders 
  • Tripods 

More info: Media Checkout Equipment

The following computer labs and production spaces are available to all PLU students, faculty, and staff: 

  • Library Studio (Library 017): Photography, video, and audio production space. 
  • Design Labs (Library 140, Morken 115): Computer labs with digital media design software, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. 
  • Wiegand Sound Studios (Morken 116 & 117): Outfitted for electronic music production. 
  • Haley Center (Library first floor): Largest general use computer lab. 

Printers are available in The Haley Center as well as Morken Open Lab. Your PLU LuteCard is loaded with $6 for printing every Fall and Spring semester. Pages cost 6¢ for black and white and 10¢ for color. 

More info: Labs & Studios

The Help Desk is a one-stop-shop for all technology needs, including computer troubleshooting, network and device registration, as well as issues with ePass accounts and DUO. If the Help Desk isn’t able to directly assist with an issue, you’ll be put in contact with the proper support area. 

Other tech support includes: 

  • Classroom & Event Technologies: classroom and media checkout equipment, multimedia support for events. 
  • Instructional Technologies: digital media software and hardware training, Sakai, course-integrated technology consultations. 

More info: Technical Support

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