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41Zoom: Zoombombing & Meeting Security1000052023-08-041732
42Zoom: Information989452023-08-043280
43Zoom: Sharing a Meeting Recording1052002023-08-041262
44Zoom: Recording a Meeting1051972023-08-044193
45Zoom: CC & Live Transcription1088782023-08-041742
46Zoom: Scheduling for Other Users1065272023-08-041284
47Premiere Pro: Importing & Managing Media1005702023-08-041556
48Premiere Pro: Basic Video Editing1005722023-08-042693
49Premiere Pro: Basic Audio Editing1005732023-08-0429942
50Premiere Pro: Basic Effects1005752023-08-045345
51Premiere Pro: Keyframing & Automating Effects1005772023-08-0414269
52Premiere Pro: Adding Text (Titles)1005782023-08-0421910
53Premiere Pro: Adding Transitions1005792023-08-041871
54Premiere Pro: Exporting Projects1005812023-08-041611
55Premiere Pro: Information1005662023-08-042313
56Premiere Pro: Interface Overview1005692023-08-043204
57Premiere Pro: Sharing & Transporting Projects1005802023-08-0451948
58Premiere Pro: Timeline & Sequences Overview1005712023-08-0411553
59Premiere Pro: Creating a New Project1005682023-08-041018
60WeVideo: Basic Editing1058562023-08-042455
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