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WeVideo: Adding Text

WeVideo, 2022. Be aware that different versions of WeVideo will vary in appearance and functionality.

Text can be added to video projects to introduce the title, add names for interviewees, include supplemental information, display ending credits, etc. Each text clip has preset fonts, design, and some have animation. Be aware that some of these details may not be editable.

To add text:
  1. Navigate to the Text tab from the panel to the left. This tab is organized into five sections: Titles, Captions, Multi-line, Seasonal, and Special.
    adding text
  2. Navigate through the sections and click clips to preview them.
  3. Click-and-drag the desired text clip into a text/video track in the Timeline. 
  4. Double-click the text clip in the timeline to edit it. Editing options depend on the text clip thats selected, and not all of the tabs listed below will be available for every text clip:
  • Properties: enter the desired text into the field(s) and format as desired with the available options (font, color, size, etc.)
  • Transform: rotate, flip, rescale, and reposition the text.
  • Animation: add an animation, such as a zoom or fade, to the start and end of the text clip.
    add text clip editor
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Text clips can be edited and adjusted in the same ways as video clips. 

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