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Gravit Designer: Importing & Editing Images

Gravit Designer, Version: 2020-1.3.4. Be aware that different version of Gravit will vary in appearance and functionality. Access Gravit Designer at

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To insert an image:
  1. Navigate to File > Import > Place Image. A new window will appear.
  2. Locate the desired image and click Open. The image will be inserted on the Canvas.

  • Reposition: click-and-drag it to a new location.
  • Rotate: click-and-drag the white handle to the top of it to the left or right. Hold Shift to snap the image to rotation increments of 90 degrees. Alternatively, use the rotation tools from the Toolbar.
  • Resize: click-and-drag a blue handle along the border while holding the Shift key. Holding Shift will prevent stretching and distortion. Increasing the size may cause pixelation/quality degradation.

Appearance Panel

Additional editing options for images are available in the Appearance Panel.
  • Opacity: click-and-drag the slider left to decrease opacity, and right to increase.
  • Corner: click the icon to the far right to access corner style options, including: Round, Bevel, Inset, and Fancy. Use the slider to the right to change the size of the corner.
  • Crop: click to get rid of unwanted parts of an image. When crop is selected, new handles will appear around the image: blue lines and red dots. Click-and-drag the handles to change the part of the visible part of the image. Use the red handles to create a curved crop. To uncrop, click No Crop button, which replaces Crop button in the Appearance Panel.
For more details on editing, see Gravit Designer: Using the Editing Panels .

Refer to the instructions in this section as well as Gravit Designer: Arranging Objects & Layering to set a background image.

To add a background image:
  1. Insert an image.
  2. Resize and crop the image to be the same size as the Canvas. Be aware that sizing up may cause pixelation.
  3. Re-order the image layer in the Layers tab to the bottom.
  4. Lock the image layer to prevent any accidental adjustments.

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