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Gravit Designer: Drawing & Editing Shapes

Gravit Designer, Version: 2020-1.3.4. Be aware that different version of Gravit will vary in appearance and functionality. Access Gravit Designer at

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To add a shape:
  1. Click the drop-down menu next to the Shape tool in the Toolbar and select the desired shape from the pop-up. Shape options include: line, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, triangle, star.

  2. Click-and-drag on the Canvas to draw the shape.
  • Hold the Shift key to maintain even proportions, such as to draw a perfect square.

Three types of custom shape options are available in the Path tools: the Pen, Bezigon, and Freehand tools. Use the Pen tool to draw shapes by creating and connecting points. The Bezigon tool is similar than the Pen tool as both can create shapes with curved lines, but they operate differently.

To draw a custom shape with the Pen or Bezigon tool:
  1. Click the Path tools drop-down in the Toolbar, and select Pen or Bezigon.

  2. With the tool, click within the Canvas to create the first point.
  3. Move the cursor and click to create another point. A line will be drawn between the points. Repeat as desired.
  4. Click the first point again to close the shape.

To adjust a point after drawing, use the Subselect tool to click-and-drag the point to the desired position. The Subselect tool is located in the Select tool drop-down menu.

To draw a shape freehand, select the Freehand tool from the Path tool drop-down menu.

Creating Curves

  • Curved line with the Pen tool: click-and-drag when creating a point. The side will curve and two handles attached to the point will appear.
  • Curved line with the Bezigon tool: hold the Option/Alt key+click to create a point. The line between the two points will curve automatically.
  • Adjust the curvature: close the shape and click a point with the Subselect tool. Click-and-drag the handles to adjust the curve. The two handles are linked by default.
  • Unlink handles and move them independently: double-click the point with the Subselect tool.

  • Reposition: click-and-drag shape to new location.
  • Rotate: click-and-drag the white handle to the top of it to the left or right. Hold Shift to snap the shape to rotation increments of 90 degrees. Alternatively, use the rotation tools from the Toolbar.
  • Resize: click-and-drag a handle along the border of it. Hold the Shift key while resizing to maintain the shape proportions.
  • Adjust points: click-and-drag the red square handles on a shape to change its appearance with the Subselect tool. The Subselect tool is located in the Select tool drop-down menu.

Appearance Panel

The options available in the Appearance Panel depend on the selected shape. For example, a circle has different options than a polygon.
  • Opacity: click-and-drag the slider left to decrease opacity, and right to increase.
  • Corner (all except ellipse): click the icon to the far right to access corner style options, including: Round, Bevel, Inset, and Fancy. Use the slider to the right to change the size of the corner.
  • Points & Size (polygon & star): click-and-drag the Points slider right to increase the number of points, and left to decrease. Changing the points will affect the number of sides. Use the size slider to adjust the size of the size; smaller sizes create narrow sides.
  • Position & Joint (custom shape): type a new number into the position fields to change the placement of a point. Change the type of joint of a point with the Joint options.
  • Angles & Shape (ellipse): each of the two Angles  fields, set to 180 degrees by default, corresponds to a half of the ellipse. Change the degree and shape type to adjust each half of the ellipse.

For more details on editing shapes, see Gravit Designer: Using the Editing Panels

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