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Gravit Designer: Using the Editing Panels

Gravit Designer, Version: 2020-1.3.4. Be aware that different version of Gravit will vary in appearance and functionality. Access Gravit Designer at

The available Editing Panels in the interface depend on the selected object, such as text, image, or shape. If the following Editing Panels are available, the options listed will be accessible as well. Click the drop-down arrow on a panel to access its options. If no object is selected, the document settings will be displayed in the Editing Panels area of the interface. The Appearance Panel for each object type is discussed in corresponding sections.

Expand each section below to see its content.

The unmarked area to the top of the panels, above the Appearance Panel, includes the positioning and alignment options. Preset alignment options, such as “Align Center,” are across the top; use these to quickly align the objects on the Canvas. If a specific position, size, or rotation of an object is desired, select it and type new values in the corresponding fields.

Borders can be added to the outside edge of images, shapes, and text characters. To add a border around an object, click the plus icon in the Borders Panel. Border options will appear.

To delete a border, click the trashcan icon to the top-right of the panel.

Use fills to add color to the inner part of an object, such as a shape. To add a fill, click the plus icon in the Fills Panel. Fill options will appear.

To delete a fill, click the trashcan icon to the top-right of the panel.

To apply an effect from the Effects Panel, click the plus icon next to it. Effect options will appear.
  • Blur: move the Radius slider right to increase the blur, and left to decrease.
  • Drop Shadow: set the size of the drop shadow on the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) side, the blur size, opacity, and color.
  • Inner Shadow: opposite to drop shadow, inner shadow will set a shadow on the inside of an object instead of outside. Inner shadow options are the same as drop shadow.
  • Color Adjust: adjust the brightness and contrast (lightness/darkness), hue (color), and saturation of an object. Although this can be applied to many types of objects, it is mainly intended for images.
  • More: access additional effects. Use the drop-down to select the type of effects to display, including: most used, adjust, artistic, blur, distortion, shadow, and other.
To delete an applied effect, hover the cursor over the effect in the Effects panel and click the trashcan icon.

To toggle the visibility of an effect, hover the cursor over the effect in the Effects panel and click the eyeball icon.

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