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Photoshop: Cropping

Version: Adobe Photoshop CC 2021. Be aware that different versions of Photoshop will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guides: Photoshop: Images, Photoshop: Graphic Design

Use the Crop tool to get rid of unwanted parts of an image or document. Be aware that the Crop tool crops the entire Canvas and all layers. Use the alternative method described below to crop only a single layer within a multiple-layer document, such as when creating a collage or layout.

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To crop an image/entire document:
  1. Select the Crop tool in the Toolbar, and handles will appear around the Canvas. 
  2. Un-check “delete cropped pixels” from the Options Bar to avoid permanently deleting parts of the image.
  3. Click-and-drag the crop handles to change the cropping area. Everything within the crop box will remain, but the dulled-out areas of the images will be cut when the crop is confirmed.
  • Click-and-drag on the image itself to reposition.
  • When done positioning, click the check-mark on the far-right of the Options Bar to confirm the crop.
  • To exit cropping without saving, click the Cancel icon in the Options Bar.

    To crop a specific object/layer:
    1. Select the desired layer in the Layers panel.
    2. Using one of the selection tools, select the desired object/area (see Photoshop: Selection Tools for more details).
    3. Navigate to Select > Inverse. This will select everything in the layer except the desired object/layer.
    4. Press the Delete key. Only the originally selected object/area will remain.

    The method above will crop an object based on the selection tool shape (rectangle, circle, etc). Cutting objects more closely along their edges requires a technique called masking (see Photoshop: Masking for more details).

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