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OBS: Interface Overview

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), version: 23.2.1. Be aware that different versions of OBS will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guide: View/Download

OBS interface
  1. Menu Bar: Includes software settings (under OBS-> Preferences) and configuration controls.
  2. Preview: View the selected Scene to be recorded.
  3. Scenes Window: Set up Scenes, which store Sources and their settings.
  4. Sources Window: Input and capture devices, such as the computer screen, microphones, webcams, etc.
  5. Mixer: Monitor for microphone levels and devices.
  6. Scene Transitions: Set transitions for Scenes. Transitions are only applied when switching between multiple Scenes in a screencast.
  7. Controls: Configure settings and start/stop recordings here.

Undocking Panels

The current version of OBS allows users to detach the Scenes, Sources, Mixer, Scene Transitions, and Controls panels from the Interface. This is useful to have quick access to several tools without having to access the full OBS window. For example, undocking the Controls panel will allow a user to start and stop recording without needing to access the interface.
To detach/undock a panel, click the window icon to the left of the title. Drag the title bar to the desired location.

To attach/dock a panel, drag the title bar back to the interface.

To reset the user interface, navigate to View > Docks > Reset UI from the Menu Bar.

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